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We buy all types of books but prefer Non-Fiction titles. Condition does effect the value.


We pay top dollar for recent College Textbooks. Condition does effect

the value.


We’re interested in every genre/type of game, movie and music. No bootleg copies please.

How much do you pay?

We typically pay about $1-$2 per qualifying book for your average paperback or hardcover, that we determine to have some value. For CDs, we pay about the same. Video games and movies we will also pay up to $5, but this depends on condition and fair value. 

If you have newer college textbooks, we will pay top dollar but they must be recent. No one wants the 2nd edition of a textbook that is on its 12th revision!

How does it work?
Shaking Hands

If you have a few hundred books or more, we will come to you. Simply call or email us and we can work out the arrangements. However if you only have a few books to get rid of, we may first ask you for a picture of the books to make sure it is worth your time and effort to bring them to us.

Books we cannot use you may either attempt to sell elsewhere or you may donate them to a non-profit; or we can do that for you.

What are you looking for?

We are primarily interested in non-fiction. However, if you have books in bulk that are unsorted, for example, books by the Gaylord or truckload, we are also interested and pay by the ton. Otherwise, if you are not selling bulk lots, we’re interested in all types of subjects.

Art, cookbooks, business, history, religion, science, education, astrology, crafts, sports, textbooks – these are just a few of the types of books we buy every day. We also buy fiction titles as well, particularly hardcovers and older fiction titles as far back as the 1900s.

What are you looking for?
Is there anything you do not buy?

Unless you are selling salvage books, your books should be clean and in good condition. We do not accept books with water damage or stains. Highlighting and underlining are frowned upon but we may still be able to buy it from you depending on the subject matter.

We don’t buy Time Series, Life Series, Encyclopedias, Readers Digest magazines, Advanced Readers Copies, Book Club versions, National Geographic magazines or Mass Market Fiction Paperbacks.

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