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Are you looking to pass your home library on to another reader? Did you inherit Grandma's book collection and have no room for them? Have your kids outgrown their books?
For whatever reason, we at Peak Books want to help you get your space back.

We provide a convenient book drop-off location available at hours that work for you.

Please fill out the form to arrange a drop-off today!

What do we do with the books?
Book Stack

First and foremost we are a for-profit organization. What most people don’t know is that many non-profits have a lot of overhead and only a very small percentage of donations actually go to the less fortunate. Overhead for these places can be as high as $0.80 to every $1, meaning as little as 20 cents gets donated to those in need.

Though we do have an online bookstore, the truth is most books simply don’t fit our business model. We could choose to sell these books for a few dollars in a local store but have decided to give back to the community. As much as 95% of books donated will not be sold by us, and instead, we will look for a new home for the books.

The convenience of dropping books off anytime is a very compelling reason why so many people choose Peak Books as their Book Donation centre.

What do you take?
What kind of items do you accept?

Currently, we are NOT accepting textbooks from

2010 and older, as well as encyclopedias, thesauruses/dictionaries, coffee table books, French/foreign language books, and magazines.

Holding Books

We accept all different types of books/media. Including but not limited to:

  • Business

  • Fine Arts

  • Language/Literature

  • Law

  • Military Science

  • Modern Textbooks (2010 and newer)

  • Music incl. sheet music/piano books

  • Philosophy/Psychology/Religion

  • Technology

  • World History

  • Plus any other non-fiction!

  • Fiction of all sorts!

  • Children & Young Adult Books

  • Comic books/graphic novels/Manga

  • Board games/Puzzles

  • Video games/consoles, DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, Vinyl Records

What about condition?
childrens books

At Peak Books, we ask that books must be in reasonable condition. Highlighting and markings are not ideal but we can still take those books if the rest of it is intact. Examples of books we cannot take are books with loose spines, mould or mildew, missing pages and books that have smoke/water damage.

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