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Our home base warehouse is located in SW Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which is home to thousands of books of different types. We sell these books through our online sales channels and sometimes sell directly from our location to the general public. Our Mission is to keep books and media out of landfills by getting them back into the hands of people who can use them the most.

Jamie Mack
Jamie Mack

Hello, my name is Jamie Mack.

My passion for books started early. Whether it was reading the latest Goosebumps thriller or the newest Captain Underpants novel, books played an important part in my life.

Fast forward to 2017, my passion came full circle and I knew I wanted to pursue the adventurous world of books. I started off obtaining books from family and friends and selling those books for them online and sharing the profits. This started off as a part-time venture but since has blossomed into a full-time operation.

Over the years I've since partnered with libraries, non-profit organizations, college campuses, thrift stores and quite frankly any individual or business with an overabundance of books.

Any books that I obtain are either sold or donated back to the community to one of our partners. We work primarily with hospitals, schools, local non-profits and the community at large.

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